What Exactly Would Jesus Do


I have an urgency in my heart to communicate something to my brothers and sisters in Christ, that I fear will not be heard because of the divide in our country and political climate today. Everyone can somehow attribute their personal political preferences to "exactly what Jesus would do". But Jesus was not confused, He was very specific and consistent.
Hear me because this may come as a surprise to all of you.
At the Passover supper, as He sat knowing that every one of his closest friends would soon betray him in some way, (be it abandonment, for money, out of embarrassment or fear, or any other reason) He didn't look on them in bitterness. In anger. In knowledge that He deserved better and shouldn't continue to have friends that would treat him that way.... He looked on them with love and compassion, and then....
He got down on his knees and literally did the job of the help. He washed their feet.
He knew how they would betray him, and He washed their dirty, tired, feet.
Hear me because this is where it becomes controversial. 
He did not demand that someone in the room washed their feet. 
He did not call on the help to do their job and wash their feet. 
He did it himself.
The KING OF KINGS, washed the feet of His enemies, his closest "friends".
So my question to you, brothers and sisters, is this:
Are you demanding that feet be washed.... or are you washing feet?

By Hannah Weekley